French-Mexican Fusion, and why we’re here

Fusion is a general term which describes foods cooked with ingredients, or techniques that are not native to the area in which it is being prepared. By definition the phrase “fusion cuisine” is an –adjective (of food or cooking) combining usually widely differing ethnic or regional ingredients, styles, or techniques: a restaurant serving French-Thai fusion cuisine; a fusion menu. Although the first uses of the word fusion was in the 14th century around 1550 AD, the word had not applied to cuisine in the New World until the 1970’s with Novell, and California Cuisine along with many other styles of cooking. Technically the Spanish has been creating fusion for centuries with Mexican ingredients and other foods in the southern hemisphere. The French have a long history of revamping recipes, and entire dishes with their technique to make them uniquely French for just as long.

I began this Page to Showcase some of the many talented Chefs and Cooks around the world, what ingredients they cook with and how they prepare some of their dishes. Please feel free to look around, you never know, you mite just find something you like.

     Smoked Salmon with Guacamole Mouse and Dill

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