Powerful Support

Frank Valdez has been the power of support at Mexique. The power of support is undoubtedly one of the least appreciated sections of any business which has it, that is unless you have a serious case of lack of it. But a well-run organization generally has more support than it needs sometimes. In the case of Mexique, a French-Mexican Fusion restaurant in Chicago, the leader of the support staff is Frank Valdez. A generally quiet average height sous Chef who is full of inspiration and talent for managing cooks, culinary production, and day to day business. When I first met him, he struck me as the polar opposite of the Quinn essential and prototypical type of sous chef who is over whelmed by deadlines and Executive Chef Demands. No, not Frank! He is cool under fire figuratively and literally. His quiet demeanor struck me as strange at first, but after watching the proficient efficiency of his work let me know that this man had something to share with the right apprentice. Franks imagination is amazing, and parallel to his Executive Chef Carlos Gayton. I have seen him deep fry masa into wild and crazy shapes, incorporate common Mexican flavors and present them into the French styles that many people are not accustom to. His work ethic is stronger than many would care to attempt. But his real passion! Creating! It’s almost like watching a marvel comic come to life right in front of you. Imagine That!


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